Monday, August 17, 2009

Reality Check

Intentions are great but I can't seem to convert them into executable actions as it relates to this blog. Honestly, a day doesn't go by without me thinking about typing a post. Most of you are fully aware that I'm working on a career transition. It's been bitter sweet because things have picked up at the new career (the sweet) but they've also picked up significantly at the existing career (the bitter). So, my reality check is this, regardless how much I desire to blog consistently, that may not be a reality for the next few weeks or months, while I'm juggling two careers.

Remember the
proposal that I submitted? It's in the final stages but guess what, I submitted another proposal to a new potential client last week and now I'm waiting on the verdict. If this proposal is accepted it would yield 50 - 95% more than the first proposal. Go me!!

Since I hope to transition soon one thing that I need to do immediately is apply for health insurance.
This site has been helpful in providing options and quotes. If I'm not successful going at it alone, I'll try an insurance broker. My first preference is to go with a high deductible health plan so that I can continue with my health savings account. I soo don't like HMOs so I'm definitely trying to stay with a PPO. Something about getting permission to see a specialist just doesn't do it for me.

Until next time,


Christine said...

I think it's a Murphy thing (re: sweet & bitter). But you can make it work! Just remember to take time for yourself for some R&R.

It's good to hear that you are still around and things are going great for you! And I cross my fingers that proposal #2 works out for you. But don't take on too much. Take it in strides! :)

Keep us updated (even w/ a sentence or two). Yeah, you! Glad to hear your transition is in process.

Ms. MoneyChat said...

hey christine! that's the trick, finding the right balance. hopefully if i get enough projects in the pipeline, i can make the switch sooner than later.

as for the dark blog, gee whiz...i was shocked when i looked at my blog and saw that it had been 3 weeks since i last posted! oh my goodness, i just couldn't believe it. gosh. hopefully that won't happen again!!

RTC said...

Sounds like the new career is going well, but that doing both is going to be stressful for you for a while. Good luck!