Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Did That Happen?

Yikes ... how did that happen? Wow, remember when I said I would let my hair down a bit and take a break from frugality (here)? Well, now I remember why I budget in the first place. You see, I didn't just take a break, I broke the budget! Yes ma'am, yes sir, I just lost my ever loving mind. In the words of Sophia from The Golden Girls, picture this ...

Georgia, summer 2009, warm weather, extended daylight hours, cheap flights, new restaurants, the euphoric feeling of life that summer brings, yes, all the makings for a good excuse to loosen the budget just a tad. A tad indeed is what I hoped for, but as it's been said, give someone an inch and they'll take a mile. According to citibank, I have a balance of $711.99 on my credit card! What, huh, just for the month of July?! Funny how those little $20 and $30 transactions added up to a number much bigger than I imagined. Please believe me, $712 is way outside of my comfort zone for frivolous, unaccounted for spending.

Since the majority of the transactions were less than $30, I'm not going to spend too much time trying to add up each and every purchase. There is one culprit that I think requires me to be in the financial hall of shame for July. You'd have to really know me to understand the gravity of what I'm about to say ... I spent $201.60 on freaggin costume jewelry last month! Yes, $201.60. Now, I'm not even a jewelry kind of girl, definitely not costume jewelry. You know what happens, a friend invites you to their "party" and if you're like me, you want to show your support so you buy something (my friend is not the type to pressure you, she actually hates that I feel this way). Because you want a good deal, you offer to host a "party" as well, giving in to the gluttony of getting something for free or darn near free. Then you have a party and of course, you can't have a party and not purchase more stuff because you're getting all of these great deals, right?! Granted, I have some fabulous pieces that I absolutely love, and honestly, I'm happy that I have them. It's a good thing for Lia Sophia that I was on a frugal hiatus or I wouldn't have purchased any of it. I have them, I love them, it was a weak moment, I'm over it. Oh yeah, in case you're interested, you really can't beat their return policy and yes, I am very happy with my selections - 9 necklaces and 4 pairs of earrings.

The remaining balance consists of an airline ticket for $139.40 and a bunch of this and a little of that. Wow, so how did that happen, yeah, I think we all know.
P.S., I primarily use my credit card for online purchases, travel and recurring monthly expenses such as the gym and netflix. It's paid off every month.


Jolie said...

All those small amounts definitely do add up quickly. I try my hardest to stay away from home parties. I have so much trouble saying no and I feel guilty if I don't get anything. I have an Arbonne party coming up that I am trying to avoid.

Ms. MoneyChat said...

Jolie - you have no idea how much i looove arbonne's candles and body butters. i stock up every september when they begin selling their holiday stuff. i wish they'd sell the candles and body butters year round but they don't.

jpkittie said...

they do add up for sure (agreeing with Jolie) But i am just happy to see that you are in face human ;)

Janie Out of Debt said...

I got into debt because of all of the small things adding up. I am glad that I found your blog.

Best wishes,