Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Updates

Aah, nothing like a little time off to recharge. Although it was only a few days, the time off was desperately needed. A friend and I met up in Philly and can I just say that Philly gets 2 thumbs up from me. The food was absolutely delicious and there was so much to see and do. I'm certain we'll visit again soon.

My budget, or shall I say non budget, is taking on a life of its own right now. I've basically blown it and honestly, I don't care. I'm thinking that I'll just consider this my little hiatus from frugality for the summer months. What does this mean? This means that once all of the necessities are taken care of (i.e. savings, bills, etc), the rest is fair be spent on whatsoever my little heart desires...budgeted or not. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

New years resolutions. Remember them? Well I typically don't create any because my follow through is terrible. I wouldn't call it a new years resolution but I did have a goal to read one book a month this year. How many have I read, uhm, 2 I think. I've since started 2 more and just purchased another one today that I plan on starting July 1. Hmm, I'll see how this goes. If my interest level is any indication, I will surely finish the new book.

Friends. I love them, they are great. Females who say that they don't get along with other females are missing out. My friends are awesome, just awesome. Everyone should have at least one friend, don't you think?

Gym (rolling my eyes). Okay, I must get back to it. At some point I'd gotten a little over zealous on the treadmill, which resulted in a painful toe injury ... including the removal of my entire toe nail! For several months I couldn't wear my running shoes but now I can. No more excuses, these buns of potato chips, Mexican food, Cuban bread, and hibachi fried rice must find themselves back on the treadmill and back to light weight lifting.

All of this random posting is making me feel a little A.D.Dish so I'll end here;-). How is your summer going?


Shtinkykat said...

Love your post! A lot of people complain about Philly, but I really enjoyed my visit their too. I thought the people lived up to their "brotherly love" motto. Oh, maybe except when I ordered cheesesteaks at Pat's and at Geno's. Apparently, I didn't follow the proper protocol. :-( But I had a GREAT meal at Morimoto's (the guy from Iron Chef).

RTC said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer! I think a hiatus from frugality sounds wonderful, but I'll have to live vicariously until I pay this last CC! Let us know how it goes.

MoneyFunk said...

LOL! You post makes me laugh. I think we've all kind of taken a back seat to our budget here and there. I think its due to the warmer weather (over) gracing us with her presence.

And as for New Year's resolution... ya, I haven't accomplished as much either. Perhaps I should update mine and see where it stands.

Good Luck with 100 by 08/31!

Ms. MoneyChat said...

shtinky - i didn'tknow that morimoto had a restaurant in philly! how did i miss that? well, there will be another time, i assure you;-). i agree, the city definitely had an air of brotherly love, IMO.

RTC - you'll have that cc paid off in no time, i just know it.

christine - the warmer weather definitely brings out the "free spirit" in me! thanks for the well wishes on the 100 by 8/31, i need all the encouragement i can get.