Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CVS Here I Come

Did you know that you could get some great deals at CVS? Personal financial bloggers all over the blogosphere have posted about such deals. When my blog friend JPKittie over at Won't Go Down Without A Fight wrote a post on Sunday on how she purchased $115 worth of items for only $1.71 out of pocket, I had to inquire! JPKittie led me to Thrifty Mama's CVS 101 post, which spells out in great detail how to use the CVS Extra Care program.

I went to CVS today to get some Vick's Vapor rub (old school I know) and decided to get an Extra Care card as well. When I got my receipt, the cashier began explaining to me how the program works and all the many ways that I can accumulate bucks. At the bottom of my receipt was a $2 extra bucks coupon (apparently this was the amount of extra bucks that I received for the specific items I purchased.). Wow, so now I have a $2 credit the next time I go to CVS. Actually I may go tomorrow because they are having a sale on all Crest ProHealth products ($2.99). If I go and buy a tube of toothpaste then I can use my $2.00 extra bucks, plus a $1.00 coupon in the local paper and get the product for free (well, I'll have to pay the taxes but that's it). Oh but wait, not only will I get the toothpaste for "free" but I will also get another $2.00 extra bucks coupon because that's one of the promotions this week. How about that ... CVS will give me $2.00 to purchase toothpaste that I would normally purchase anyway.

If I've thoroughly confused you, check out the
CVS 101 post.

Hey, this may be the catalyst I need to get me into couponing. Although I think it is a great idea, I've never been one to really use them. If these are the type of savings that I have been passing up, then I need to get on the bandwagon.

Is there anything else I'm missing out on?


jpkittie said...

Yippee!!!! Good for you!!!! I am so excited for you! You will be hooked!!! It is great --- sometimes it is funny when you look at a receipt & you think to yourself, they just paid me 50 cents to take this out of their store for them! LOL

Looking forward to watching you become a seasoned CVS-er!!!

& thanks for the link love! :)

RTC said...

Why don't you share your CVS journey with us. Maybe track CVS spending with a side bar. Sounds fun. Maybe I'll join you--a new hobby for the new year!

Shtinkykat said...

I keep reading people's CVS booty-story with great envy yet I've yet to check out their ECB sales. I need to start soon. Thanks for the tips.

Christine said...

Woo Hoo, you tried it! I just noticed there is a CVS around the corner from my work. So, I think I am gonna give it a try, too.

I figure it I get extras I don't need I will donate it to our local shelter or stock pile it for next years charity for Christmas.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done on CVS success! Have a very happy Christmas!

Ms. MoneyChat said...

jpk: anytime on the link love ... thanks for the cvs tips.

rtc: although i love to seem them on other blogs, i have no idea how to do one of those side bars - tutorial 101?? perhaps i could track my savings...hmmm...let me think on that.

shtinkykat & christine - yes, you two should definitely check it out. do keep us posted if you do.

sharon rose: thanks chica!