Monday, December 22, 2008

The Cost of a Common Cold

Generally I am not a person who gets sick, not even a common cold. I can go years without a single sniffle. The one caveat is when I'm moving a thousand miles a minute, not taking any time to rest. When I am continuously on the go, juggling 25 things at one time, trying to get 30 hours out of 1 day, my body will begin to break down and demand that it gets some rest. Seeing as though I completely ignored all of the warnings, my body decided that it needed a break Saturday night. It started with a slightly irritated throat and by Sunday morning it was a full blown runny nose, scratchy throat and heavy onset of fatigue. Since tea was the only thing I had readily available I had to send a friend to pick up some additional items.

Emergen-C: $12.99 (yikes!)
Tylenol Cold PM: $7.49
Robitussin DM: $7.49
Taxes: $1.96
Total Damage: $29.93

So where does this unexpected $29.93 fit in my budget? It's covered by my
HSA contributions. My HSA account comes with a debit card so I use this card whenever I incur any medical expenses.

I'm off to my umpteenth nap of the day. Hopefully I can sleep through the night tonight.


Shtinkykat said...

Ooooh. Take care, Miss M.C. Glad to hear your HSA pays for your cold remedies. I wonder if it'll pay for chicken noodle soup too!

jpkittie said...

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon! (I am just starting to get one... go figure - Christmas right around the corner too - blah!)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I do wish you a speedy recovery, the cover you have is just the ticket, well done!

Christine said...

Um, you need to get better real fast and have a Merry Christmas! ;)

~Simply Me~ said...

Oh please do get some rest and recup before Christmas. You're not allowed to be sick for the holidays...didn't you get the memo? :) Take your medicine, drink a lot of fluids, and rest, rest, rest!

Ms. MoneyChat said...

everyone - thanks for your well wishes. christine, i said the same thing!!! today around 1:00 pm EST i said to myself "i've had enough of this, it's time i get up and get some things done." LOL. but wait, isn't that mindset exactly what got me into this mess? what can i say, i'm not one to sit still too long. hopefully the worst is behind me.