Friday, December 5, 2008

Budget Buster!


I did it again! I went to the grocery store (1) without a list and (2) without cash. Guess what happened? I busted my budget wide open. My grocery budget is $50 a week and whenever I violate those two rules, I lose. After years of trying to control my tendency to overspend at the grocery store, you would think I would do what I know works for me but noooo, I'm still going around in circles.

I went into the grocery store to get 2 ingredients to make some chicken tortilla soup, 2 ingredients! By the time I checked-out, I had a cart loaded with stuff and a tab of $117.32!! Talking about budget buster. There is no justification, this is nothing more than bad habits not going down without a fight.

How do I handle senseless budget busters...I take it out of my blow money! Yep, I blew it so oh well. On a positive note, I won't have to go grocery shopping next week so I'll sort of "add" that $50 back to what I overspent. However, let us not get it twisted, it is not a good habit to spend money before you have it.

Do you have any categories in your budget that tend to run amuck without careful and focused attention?


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-However much we plan to be good and stick to our budget, I think we are all guilty of having these blowouts every now and then! Its great you've got it covered from your other category!

~Simply Me~ said...

I totally understand. Without a doubt, it's quite easy to overspend on groceries when you shop at the market without a budget and grocery list. It's the kind of place that allures you to spend on a whim with all the appealing food displays, "sales", and new products. I'm a self-proclaimed "grocery store junkie" (grocery shopping as never been a chore for me; it's an errand I look forward to completing), so unfortunately, whenever I shop without a list and budget, I quickly fall back into old habits. A grocery list is key for me.

Christine said...

(nodding my head) don't you know its a cardinal sin to go to the grocery store without a list?!?! lol!

well, least you realize your mistake and you have 'blow' money to make up for it! (sigh)it's so easy to over grocery shop. ;)

jpkittie said...

oh no! I have done that too!!!

that is a bunch over your budget -- but I have to admit, sometimes it is nice to go over budget & not feel guilty about it --- honestly, it sucks that you were over budget, but atleast you will eat the stuff & it isn't on unnecessary things :)

Ms. MoneyChat said...

Sharon Rose: yes goodness we do suffer blowouts. it's crazy because i have system that protects me from the infamous grocery blowout. good grief.

Simple Me: a grocery is definitely key for me as well. i have to go a step further, I must have a list as well and use cash only. anytime i think i'm strong enough to use my debit card at the grocery store, i overspend.

Christine: i cracked up at your "nodding my head." thanks for the laugh because you are so right ... shame, shame, shame. LOL.

jpkittie: oh my gosh, it was a lot wasn't it! geez. but you're right, at least the money wasn't "wasted."

All of my blog readers: I just love yall. Where else can I go and vent about my overspending and someone really cares;-)? Yall are the greatest.

J. Money said...

haha...we can all relate to that ;)

while i'm pretty much the opposite of you (rarely use lists and always uses credit cards), i usually only get stuck when i shop hungry.

if my stomach is full, i'm a-okay and can stick to the budget. if i'm starving? well....i will pick up everything in site...come to think of it, i really should be eating breakfast right now...

enjoyed the post :)

Ms. MoneyChat said...

J. Money: i cannot tell you how i would have blown the roof off of the budget if i was hungry while i was shopping. i probably would have been too ashamed to post anything ;-0