Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The $36 Sandwich and Fruit Plate

Yesterday I was craving a sandwich (panini to be exact) and some fresh fruit so I proceeded to take me and my cravings to Publix to get all the fixings for my make-shift panini. Nearly $36 dollars later I had almost everything (the avocados didn't look too good so I ventured to Kroger where they were $1 each). I'm wondering if I would have been better off just buying the sandwich and some fruit from the deli or even another sandwich shop such as Quiznos.

***10 minutes later***

Apparently there is some kind of internal problem that's preventing me from uploading the receipt. I'll post the link at the end if you're interested in viewing.

So, did this unplanned $36 trip to the grocery store bust the budget? I mean after all, it's not secret that I constantly struggle to stay on budget at the grocery store. Luckily I did not go over budget this time - reason being, I haven't been cooking so I haven't spent much of the grocery shopping allowance. Ha! By default I'm still ahead. Hey, I'll take a win however I can;-). Whooty Hoo!!

P.S. As promised, click here to view the grocery list.

1 comment:

Money Funk said...

LOL. So did the panini taste as good as it was worth??? ;-)

Sometimes it can be a nice experience to shop and fix yourself something good even if it turns out expensive.

Speaking of, I'm hungry. Off to eat my red pepper hummus lettuce wraps with a side of fruit and raw cacao truffles for dessert. =D
(ya, doing the Vegan/Raw diet 75% of the time - hey, its working at getting me slender again).