Monday, July 20, 2009

The Rubber Meets The Road

Sorry for the dark week but somebody has been really busy! Remember that proposal I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well it was accepted so I've been a little buried preparing for that and doing everything else that needs to get done - not to mention wrapping up a course that I must complete by 7/31.

Ideally I would like to stay at the corporate gig until 1/31/10 but that possibility is more bleak now than it was a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, I guess it just depends on whose lens you're looking through, but it is getting more and more difficult to balance the two. The demands at both places are increasing - the corp gig wants more of my time and the dream career is picking up steam as well - case in point, the accepted proposal mentioned earlier. Because of the pull in two directions, I'm barely making it and feeling like I'm not doing an excellent job in either area. I'm over worked, extremely tired and not getting much sleep. I know, cry me a river right. But hey, it's the truth.

The liberation fund is not quite where I want it to be, thanks in large to several financial interruptions that have blind-sided me. I take the good with the bad, that's life. The good - I have not touched (i.e. make any withdrawals) the liberation fund or the e-fund. The bad - I have not been able to stack my chips in the lib fund the way I want to. The savings momentum decreased significantly when the plumbing and car repairs decided to lay claims to my money.

So where does that leave me? Hmm. That's the million dollar question. I'm reassessing a few things, trying to determine a more realistic time for the great exodus. Assuming no more interruptions and short of money falling out of the sky, I probably won't have my lib fund stocked to a level that provides me the most comfort. However, I will not sacrifice the greater good for a few grand ... I'll take the leap first. After all, from where I sit, the worst that could happen is that I return to corporate.


Christine said...

Amen sista! Take the leap of faith. Its your dream job and an accepted proposal (congrats btw)... then it sounds like the stars are telling you where to go. :)

Things will work out. Maybe not as completely intended, but you will make them work. I once heard in a movie, "fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing". Hold on tight, the ride has begun!

~Truly Tina~ said...

You better do the doggone thing! :-) Follow the dream and vision. Trust that it's working according to Divine Providence's plan. Congrats on the proposal!!

jpkittie said...

there you go! awesome :) congrats on your new accepted proposal :)