Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Should I Dip Into the E-fund?

I'll try to keep this short since I'm so pee-d off and highly irritated. I took a bunch of clothes to the dry cleaners in preparation for the changing season and guess what ... they lost them! This wasn't just any bunch, this was my good bunch. You know the kind, your power suits, perfectly fitting slacks, that classic white blouse that your hardly wear because it has to be dry cleaned and you can't wear it more than once, comfortable fitting sweaters, so on and so forth. What timing! No steady income at this point, season changing, and now I need to go shopping and buy more clothes.

Supposedly there was a break-in and seven orders were taken, mine included. There was no glass broken, why, because according to the worker or owner that I spoke with, their sliding door is easy to break into. What? Are you kidding me? Why was that not fixed? So I asked about the alarm? What luck these thieves have because apparently it happened on the night when we had a lot of rain and the electricity was out. Really. Uh huh. This is sounding more and more like an inside job to me. So, they have an official police report and their insurance company is coming out this week to go over estimates. What estimates? I bet it won't even meet their deductible because THEY didn't suffer any losses, only 7 customers! Oooooh I'm so pissed. Okay, I have to stop now because I'm getting too worked up over something that is completely out of my control.

I shared all of this to ask one question ... is this a valid reason to dip into the E-fund? This will be the first time I've had to do so. I don't mind using the E-fund because that's what it's there for, but to have to use it because the dry cleaners stole my clothes, Urrrrghh!!!!!!

***I'm told their policy when they "lose" your clothes is typically 10x what you would have paid them to clean it. It just so happens that this dry cleaners was running a 10 pieces for $19.99 special. I've been w/them for years so I had no reason to suspect anything. Based on their sale price, for every 10 pieces they would normally reimburse someone $199.90. Oh heck no, one of my suits cost $150 alone, and that was on sale! He told me that he's not sure what they're going to due since this was a break-in ... hence why they're meeting w/the insurance folks this week. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The Lost Goat said...

That's awful!

I'd wait and see what your dry cleaner offers you, so then you know where you are.

Right now, I'd run over to the consignment store and look for replacements. You know the place I'm talking about - wherever the ladies who lunch sell their outfits at the end of every season. At the nice store in my area, you can leave your name and size and they'll call you when they get stuff in in your size. If you can pick up an outfit or two to tide you over, so much the better.

Personally, I'd try to get by on cheap knock-offs (Target makes some stuff that holds up well for a couple of months; I've also had some success at Dress Barn) and replace my good stuff piece by piece. It's just too expensive to replace it all at once, and you'll never find enough stuff that fits perfectly for you at once.

On the other hand, if your job requires you to be kitted out is stuff from Neiman's or equivalent, and you have to buy new, I'd agree that that's what the efund is for.

Money Funk said...

Oh man! That bites. Don't be surprised if you find them at the swap meet. A lot of cleaners have stations set up at the swap meet for 'clothes unclaimed'.

That really sucks. And yes, it sounds like an inside job to me, too. If you need clothes...then I say yes, dip into the E-Fund frugally and with care.

Really sorry to hear about your misfortune. :(

Ms. MoneyChat said...

thanks ladies. i will definitely have to dip into the e-fund if i have any thoughts of replenishing what was stolen. gee whiz!

@lg - i think you're right. i should look for some decent, inexpensive things in the interim.

D.C. 2 said...

Oh heck naw! You need to show them the definition of ghetto! I cannot believe that! If you need the clothes for your new business I say yes tap the e-fund if not, work it into he budget