Monday, November 17, 2008

Investor Beware

If you are investing long term, are comfortable with your current investment strategy and have a weak stomach for the stock market's volatility, then do not look at your accounts or you will be tempted to make an emotional decision rather than a financial decision. If you must take a peek, then I suggest focusing more on the amount of shares you are purchasing rather than the amount of "unrealized" loss you have suffered. Think of it this way, all of the stocks are on sale and you're getting more bang for your buck. A little paradigm shift is just what the doctor ordered for the investment blues;-).

Guess what happened when I looked at my statement today? I noticed that I purchased 50% more shares this month for the same amount of money I invested last month (I invest the same amount of money each month).

Trust me, I'm seeing double digit negative returns as well but I am comfortable with my investment strategy and I am investing for the long term. The market fluctuations may get a good frown or a raised brow from me, but I shall not be moved. What about you?

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